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British Chemical Products is located in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. We formulate and manufacture speciality biodegradable chemicals for use in most industrial applications, from floor cleaning to specialised water based degreasers. We have over 30 years experience in manufacturing the best value traffic film removers, and our range gives you exactly the right product for your needs.

Although we have traditionally supplied trade users we can now offer our products to both trade and retail customers.

Most products displayed on this site are usually available ex stock. If you order a product which is out of stock we will tell you.

All prices shown do not include VAT which is added on at the checkout at the current rate of 20%. There is a minimum order value before VAT of GBP5, and a small delivery charge - see delivery costs.

To look for specific products navigate through the products menu on the left hand side of the page, where types of chemicals are grouped together into categories. Access to products is gained by clicking on these categories. Then the product types are shown in the main body of the screen. Start off with the product type you are interested in, and by clicking on it, different products and finally pack options will appear. From there you can go straight to a purchase, checkout and completion. All prices shown are - the pound sterling. No payment will be accepted in any other currency without prior permission.

When you order please provide us with extra information to ensure we can deliver to you at a time that is convenient, your mobile phone number for example. Any additional information will help - for example can a neighbour accept goods for you. In short we want to ensure you get your goods as quickly, efficiently, an safely as possible.

Also, and MOST importantly, please be aware many of our products are hazardous chemicals or hazardous mixtures of chemicals. We assume you are technically competent in the handling and use of such products. IF YOU ARE NOT, or if you do not know if the particular product you wish to buy is hazardous, you have a duty to call us and ask our advice, and we have a duty of care to ensure you can safely use the product. It is in both our best interests that you know exactly what you are buying, whether it is suitable for your application, and if you can safely use and store the product.

We reserve the right to change specifications including pack sizes without prior warning. Where reasonable we will complete your order with the nearest combination of pack sizes available.

If you cannot find exactly what you want email us a specific requirement and we will reply with a recommendation. If you require technical advice before you can decide on your order, email your question to us using the contact email addresses shown.

We like to think we are different. We not only love our molecules, but also take time to find out exactly what it is you need. Everyone has slightly different requirements, and to ensure you get the chemical you need, we want to understand your application. So don't hesitate to email, or call us to explain your needs.

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