Bespoke Blends Products made to customers' specific requirements.
PLANET A - Environmentally Friendly Chemicals A range of specially formulated biodegradable maintenance and cleaning chemicals designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. And it's not just the chemical formula that is considered. The total manufacturing process, energy use, and packaging is considered. All ingredients are sustainably produced, and packaging is recyclable. This is a thoroughly eco friendly range to save Planet A - there is no Planet B.
Shipping Charges - supplementary Additional shipping (delivery) charges applicable.
Car Valeting Here you'll find the basic chemicals you need to get started. There is not a bewildering variety of products intended to confuse - we make only those products that you need to carry out a professional job.
Demineralised Waters - all grades We manufacture a range of pure waters for use in almost every application. Also known as Deionised Water the two names refer to the same type of high quality water. Distilled Water is different in so far as it is made by a different process (distillation), but is also a type of high purity water. Contact our technical dept if you need advice about which water is best suited to your particular application.
Screenwashes & De-Icers For a range of windscreen washer bottle additives suitable for all year round use, and de-icers.
Automatic Car Washes & Jetwashes Over 20 years experience making car wash chemicals has resulted in a comprehensive and cost effective range of chemicals and sundry products. And a message to all operators - you usually order multiple products, so if you want 8 x 25 litre or more, call us for special discount.
Swimming Pool Chemicals The most essential products to keep your swimming pool clean and safe.
Traffic Film Removers and Vehicle Shampoo Used by a wide variety of the best names in the truck and bus industry. We make products to clean all parts of vehicles, outside and inside, and with all types of equipment - by hand, with a sponge and bucket, steam cleaner, brush wash and automatic underchassis wash. Whatever your requirements we have the solution, and the technical back-up.
Caravan & Motorhome Cleaning A range of cleaning and maintenance chemicals specifically used on the exterior and interior of caravans and Motorhomes.
Cotton & Paper Cleaning Cloth A simple but comprehensive range of cloth and paper. We think it is all you need.
Miscellaneous Chemicals A variety of chemicals that don't fit into any of the other categories.
Sundry Items A selection of little gadgets and gizmos to help dispense and use the chemicals.
New Products Find all our new products here. Products that have been improved, or brand new products, or new lines.

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