All sorts of devices to apply chemicals.

Spray Mist 750 ml

Cheap and convenient hand held sprayer

For dispensing all water based chemicals, and solvent blends. Fully adjustable it can spray a jet or a fine spray. It is ideal for glass cleaner, Dib Dab, Ultraclenz, and Hectors Wax.

Weight Price
Spray Mist 750 ml eachSM1 0.5 kg 1.75
Spray Mist 750 ml - pack of 10SM2 6 kg 15.00
Spray Mist 750 ml - pack of 25SM3 8 kg 31.25

6 litre Sprayer

Heavy duty pump up spray applicator 6 litre Sprayer

For use applying water based and some solvent blends (Engine Degreaser). Titan has a good 6 litre capacity and durable spray mechanism. Spare hoses, extension lances and trigger assemblies available.

Weight Price
6 litre SprayerT6 4 kg 48.00
Complete sprayer with lance, hose and trigger.
6 litre extension lanceT6EL 1 kg 5.95
50 cm extension lance to give extra reach for high or deep applications.
6 litre Trigger assemblyT6T 2 kg 9.75
Spare trigger for the 6 litre sprayer.
6 litre HoseT6H 1 kg 5.85
Spare hose connecting the sprayer and trigger.
6 litre Pressure release valveT6PR 0.25 kg 2.75
Spare pressure release valve for the main body of the pump.

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