Tar & Glue Remover

Does what it says on the tin

A unique blend of solvents that turns a mind bendingly boring and frustrating chore into a simple job. Its slow evaporation rate means you can apply the product onto the bodywork, and leave it to soak in for several minutes (yes, it's safe to leave on paintwork). Then come back and just wipe off the tar. For heavy deposits of glue a trick of the trade is to use a plastic filler applicator and when the glue is softened just scrape the glue off in one easy action. Our Tar & Glue Remover is one of those truly special chemicals that can save you hours of laborious work. Afterwards use Vintage Wax to restore showroom shine.

Weight Price
Tar & Glue Remover - 5 litresTAG05 4.5 kg 31.55
The most popular pack size for trade users such as valeters and bodyshops. Special offer - free delivery on this pack size, and 25 litre pack.
Tar & Glue Remover - 4 x 5 litresTAG20 20 kg 99.45
Case of 4 x 5 litres
Tar & Glue Remover - 25 litresTAG25 23 kg 97.25
Ideal size for bodyshops and valeting depts. Special Offer - free delivery on this pack size, and 5 litre pack.

Customer Reviews

Easy to use.
Reviewed by John Gethin from Lydney, Gloucestershire

I use Tar and Glue remover because it makes removing glue left on panels after you have taken off stickers and stripes much easier. Secret is to dab it on, leave it for a few minutes (just time enough for a cup of tea) and come back to wipe off. Sometimes might have to dab again. But it works for me. I have used it for years.

August 2014
Cost effective solution to decal glue
Reviewed by FAB Recycling - BMW spares from Cinderford, Glos.

It removes tar, and is really good at removing glue. So cleaning up panels after taking decals off, when the glue is left behind, is now a simple job. And it doesn't damage paintwork. It might be a bit more expensive than other products, but it saves us money in the long run.

August 2014
Really easy to use
Reviewed by Eric Davis from Drybrook, Glos

The British Chemical Products tar and glue remover was recommended to me, so I bought some and was well impressed. It didn't dry quickly like most so it gave me time to dissolve the tar and completely remove it. Afterwards the paint polished up perfectly. It did what I was told it would do.

April 2009

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