aka Wood alcohol, methyl alcohol

99.5% virgin solvent. Not for use as fuel additive or fuel extender. Can be used to denature ethanol, or in the production of bio-diesel. Or as an industrial solvent. We will only supply Methanol to bona fide business users, for bona fide use. Proof of the above will be required. Supplementary carriage charges may apply to areas other than Gloucester, Bristol, hereford and Worcester.

Weight Price
Methanol 5 litresMET5 5 kg 19.00
Methanol 25 litresMET25 24 kg 99.00
Methanol - 100 litresMET100 85 kg 281.00
Packed in 4 x 25 litres
Methanol 205 litMET205 185 kg 339.60
Packed in 1 x 205 lit metal barrel.

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