What We Do

We specialise in the development of biodegradable chemical blends for use in specific applications cleaning, restoration, preservation, and protection. From the initial product design we make our products as environmentally friendly as possible, and as safe for users as possible. We have extensive experience in the motor industry - cars, vans, trucks and buses, trains and bikes. We also supply the engineering industry with specialised water based degreasers.

The menu on the left hand side of the page lists all our product types. We supply both retail and trade customers, who can use this this site. If you order larger quantities you will benefit from discounted prices. If you want to order a quantity that is not listed on our site, contact us with your specific requirements

The ethos that drives us is to design and manufacture all our products to the best quality possible with total regard to the safety of the environment and the health of our customers. We choose the most biodegradable ingredients. We are realistic and acknowledge that sometimes the greenest solution is to use a product that gets the desired result at the first attempt, so although our products are as 'green' as possible, this does not mean they perform poorly. Product performance is the key to success for you and us. We also try to use products derived from sustainable sources, aswell as reducing packaging to the minimum.

Although we make and stock a wide variety of products, we are able to design special products for unique application. Contact us for your requirements.

All descriptions given are accurate, and any claims made are supported by evidence and the experience of our customers.

If you have any comments about our products please email us every email is answered. Feedback is a vital part of our philosophy. The better we understand the needs of our customers, the better our products will be.


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