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Since 1986, British Chemical Products has been the trusted supplier for trade professionals in search of top-tier automotive cleaning solutions. Specialising in Traffic Film Remover (TFR), degreasers, solvents, and more, we pride ourselves on quality and reliability. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just ask! We’re happy to source the chemicals you need to get the job done right.

Who are British
Chemical Products?

As a dedicated formulator and manufacturer, we’ve carved a niche in creating not just products, but solutions that matter. Our journey started with the vision to provide more than just chemicals; we aimed to offer tailored solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

From our renowned Traffic Film Removers to a wide array of bespoke chemical solutions, our commitment has always been towards excellence and flexibility. We pride ourselves on responding to customer feedback and continuously improving our offerings.

As we look towards the future, British Chemical Products remains dedicated to setting industry standards, nurturing innovations, and maintaining our legacy of quality and customer satisfaction.


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Snow Foam Concentrated Car Shampoo: Advanced Cleaning for a Spotless Shine
APC Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner: Versatility Meets Eco-Friendly Cleaning
TFR 2 SPECIAL: Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover
TFR 1 ALPHA: Super Concentrated Traffic Film Remover
Dowanol PM
Dowanol TPM
Dowanol DPM
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Xylene: Premium Quality Aromatic Solvent for Diverse Applications
, ,
Odourless Kerosene: Highly Purified Aliphatic Hydrocarbon for Industrial Use
White Spirit: Versatile Turpentine Substitute for Cleaning and Thinning
, ,
Toluene: High-Performance Aromatic Solvent for Specialised Applications
, ,
Mineralised Methylated Spirits: Versatile and Effective Purple Cleaning Solution
, ,
Methanol: High-Purity Solvent for Specialised Industrial Applications
, ,
MEK – Methyl Ethyl Ketone: Highly Effective Solvent for Professional Use
, ,
Acetone: Powerful and Versatile Solvent for Multiple Applications
, ,
IMS 99: High-Purity Industrial Methylated Spirits for Professional Use
Isopropanol 99.9% Pure: Exceptionally High-Quality Isopropyl Alcohol for Diverse Uses
, ,
Engine Degreaser: Emulsifiable Solvent-Based Cleaner for Efficient Degreasing
, ,
Waterless De-Icer: Quick-Acting Defrosting Solution for Vehicle Glass
Screenwash All Seasons Concentrate: Year-Round Screenwash & Anti-Freeze
Screenwash Fleetscreen Concentrate: Bulk Screenwash for Fleet and Trade
Super Whizzo Floor Cleaner: Versatile, Non-Caustic Low Foam Cleaner
, ,
Hyper Wax: Super Concentrated Nano Wax Dispersion for Enhanced Efficiency
, ,
Super Wax: Advanced Water-Based Nano-Emulsion for the Ultimate Finish
Descaler: Extra Strong Acid Descaling Fluid for Tough Scale Removal
, ,
George’s Aluminium Cleaner: Concentrated Acid Blend for Aluminium Bodywork
Moonshine: Specialised Tyre and Tyrewall Cleaner
Alu Clean: Potent Acid Wheel Cleaner for Steel and Alloy Wheels
Wash ‘n Wax: Exterior Shampoo with Natural Carnauba Wax
Ultraclenz: Versatile Fabric and Carpet Shampoo for Interiors
, ,
Hyper Foam: Super-Concentrated High Activity Foam Shampoo
Car Shampoo E: Equipment-Grade Low Viscosity Vehicle Shampoo
Supa Nova Spirit Wipe: Specialist Panel Wiping Solvent for 

Tar & Glue Remover: Transforming Tough Tasks into Simple Solutions
, ,
Brake & Clutch Cleaner: The Essential Solvent Blend for Optimal Performance
Super Clear XX: Professional Water-Based Glass Cleaning Liquid
, ,
Aqua Lac Engine Protector: Advanced Water Displacing Fluid and
 Electrical Protector

AdBlue in 10 litre cans (pallet of 75)
AdBlue in 20 litre cans (pallet of 45)
AdBlue in 5 litre cans (pallet of 120)
, ,
Ethyl Acetate: Specialised Solvent for Diverse Applications
Distilled Water: Ultra-Pure Water for Precision Laboratory Applications
Demineralised Water: High-Quality Purified Water for Various Applications
, ,
Parts Washer Solvent: Safe and Effective Cleaning for Parts Washers
SUNDCLEAN 101: Low Foam Alkaline Degreaser for Diverse Metal Cleaning
TFR 9 EX: Eco-Friendly Non-Caustic Traffic Film Remover
Premier Hi-Foam Jet Wash Shampoo: Superior Detergent for Professional Car Wash Operators
TFR 55 Fleet Cleaner: Eco-Friendly and Efficient for Van and Truck Fleets
TFR 6 FLEETSHINE: Concentrated Traffic Film Remover for Logistics
TFR 6 EX HIGH FOAM: Enhanced Traffic Film Remover with Extra Rinsing Agent
Bus & Coach Shampoo: Optimized for Automatic Brush Washes

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