Automatic Car Washes & Jetwashes

Over 20 years experience making car wash chemicals has resulted in a comprehensive and cost effective range of chemicals and sundry products. And a message to all operators - you usually order multiple products, so if you want 8 x 25 litre or more, call us for special discount.

Chlorine Tablets

Slow release chlorine tablets

200 gram STABILISED chlorine tablets containing trichloroisocyanuric acid, providing a slow release of the bacteriocidal agent chlorine, keeping your tank or pool free from bacteria, and preventing the release of malodours. A vital chemical espec...

Weight Price
Chlorine Tablets - 800 gramsCT800 1 kg 9.95
4 x 200 gram tablets individually sealed in a small resealable bucket.
Chlorine Tablets - 2 kiloCT2 2.2 kg 24.75
10 x 200 gram individually sealed tablets in a resealable bucket.
Chlorine Tablets - 5 kiloCT5 5.5 kg 46.75
25 X 200 gram individually sealed tablets in a resealable bucket.

Algex - mould and algae remover.

A biodegradable algae remover.

Algex not only removes green algae, but also moulds and fungi. Can be used on walls, exterior and interior, floors, patios, glass and roofs. For the best results apply with a brush and rinse off with a high pressure washer. Cleans almost anythi...

Weight Price
Algex - 5 litresALX05 5.5 kg 22.75
Useful handy pack to keep in the garage. Store in cool dark conditinos away from direct sunlight and in the pack it will keep its activity for years.
Algex - 4 x 5 litresALX20 22 kg 69.00
Case of 4 x 5 litre bottles for trade or institutional use.
Algex - 25 litresALG25 27 kg 78.00
Drum for trade users - estate management companies, institutionsand businesses.
Algex - 2 x 25 litresALG50 54 kg 119.00
More favorably priced option for professional users.

Premier Hi-Foam Jet Wash Shampoo

Forecourt jet wash detergent

Caustic based non-ionic detergent blend it is an economical and highly effective traffic film remover for use by professional car wash operators in forecourt jetwashes.

Weight Price
Premier Hi Foam - 25 litresPJW25 28 kg 42.00
Typical size purchased by garage forecourt operators.
Premier Hi-Foam - 4 x 25 litres.PJW100 112 kg 131.00
Trade option with trade discount.
Premier Hi-Foam - 205 litresPJW205 230 kg 198.00
For use by fleet operators who have a fixed installation pressure washer on site, or busy forecourt sites where 25 litre drums are used too quickly.

Super Wax

Special final wax

A water based nano-emulsion that should be diluted to 1%. When applied during the final rinse of the wash cycle it causes water to sheet off, leaving the car almost completely dry, preventing the appearance of water marks. Can also be used by hand.

Weight Price
Super Wax - 25 litresSW25 26 kg 98.00
Trade pack for car wash operators, that fits many dosing stations.

Hyper Foam

Super-concentrated High Activity Foam

A super concentrated high foaming shampoo designed to be diluted to 0.5%. It cleans and degreases paintwork, and its easy rinse formulation means a great finish, even where water conservation means rinse water volumes are reduced. It is also a si...

Weight Price
Hyper Foam - 5 litreHYPF05 6 kg 29.10
Ideal starter pack for enthusiasts, valeters, or hand car washes.
Hyper Foam - 2 x 5 litresHYPF10 11 kg 46.45
Trade pack for small fleet operators.
Hyper Foam - 25 litresHYPF25 27 kg 124.50
Super concentrated car shampoo.
Hyper Foam - 4 x 25 litresHYPF100 108 kg 320.55
Small pack that fits most forecourt jet washes.

Hyper Wax

Nano wax dispersion Hyper Wax

A super concentrated wax concentrate that can be diluted down to 1 in 500. Its high activity means forecourt operators benefit from greater efficiency, lower costs, and reduced stock levels. And this helps the environment by reducing the amount ...

Weight Price
Hyper WaxHYW10 11 kg 63.70
Small pack that fits most forecourt installations.
Hyper Wax - 25 litresHYW25 26 kg 125.80
Standard drum for larger car wash installations.


Water tank biocide

A biocidal concentrate to be added to the water storage tanks found in car wash systems with recycling systems. Prevents the appearance of foul odours. It can be dosed automatically, or manually. A cationic based concentrate. Contact us for de...

Weight Price
Puritan - 25 litresPUR25 27 kg 148.00
Trade pack for large volume tank recycling installations.
Puritan - 1 x 205 litres.PUR200 230 kg 898.00
For distribution depots, cooling towers, and other large installations.

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