Shampoo - For Vehicle Exteriors

All the shampoos you need to clean the outside of your vehicle.

Car Shampoo E

Low viscosity vehicle shampoo

The 'E' means equipment grade, a special biodegradable low viscosity high foaming shampoo that is used in many applications - car washes, bus washes, truck cab cleaning, car and van washing. Viscosity is important, so low viscosity enables it to b...

Weight Price
Car Shampoo E - 1 litreCSE1 1 kg 5.75
A cost effective pack size of the enthusiast and diy-er
Car Shampoo E - 5 litresCSE05 11 kg 11.40
Mini trade pack that fits many auto brush washes. And it is a convenient pack size for low volume users.
Car Shampoo E - 25 litresCSE25 26 kg 44.80
Trade pack for garages, valeters, bus truck and van fleet operators
Car Shampoo E - 16 x 25 litresCSE400 395 kg 395.00
Because of the popularity of this product with trade users (auto and hand wash operators) we offer substantial discounts for bulk users. Price shown is for a pallet of 16 x 25 litre drums.
Car Shampoo E - 205 litresCSE205 218 kg 221.00
Bulk pack for large fleet operators. The most cost effective way to buy Car Shampoo E. Can be dispensed using a 205 litre syphon pump, or the machine chemical pipe can be placed directly into the barrel.

Wash 'n Wax

Exterior shampoo with natural carnauba wax

A thick concentrated high foaming shampoo that contains premium quality carnauba wax. It not only cleans paintwork effectively, but leaves a superb streak free wax finish. Use it by hand with a sponge or wash mitt to clean good quality paintwork...

Weight Price
Wash n Wax - 5 litresWNW5 6 kg 19.75
Typical trade pack size - buy just one, or a case of 4 and get a case discount
Wash n Wax - 4 X 5 litresWNW20 22 kg 49.50
Special trade pack of 4 x 5 litres, at a special trade price. And free delivery.
Wash n Wax - 25 litresWNW25 27 kg 58.30
Large pack for garages and workshops. Screw top taps for the 25 litre drum are available to ensure economical and fuss free dispensing.
Wash n Wax - 4 x 25 litres.WNW100 108 kg 174.00
Multiple pack purchase to save money compared to buying just one 25 litre at a time.

Hyper Foam

Super-concentrated High Activity Foam

A super concentrated high foaming shampoo designed to be diluted to 0.5%. It cleans and degreases paintwork, and its easy rinse formulation means a great finish, even where water conservation means rinse water volumes are reduced. It is also a si...

Weight Price
Hyper Foam - 5 litreHYPF05 6 kg 29.10
Ideal starter pack for enthusiasts, valeters, or hand car washes.
Hyper Foam - 2 x 5 litresHYPF10 11 kg 46.45
Trade pack for small fleet operators.
Hyper Foam - 25 litresHYPF25 27 kg 124.50
Super concentrated car shampoo.
Hyper Foam - 4 x 25 litresHYPF100 108 kg 320.55
Small pack that fits most forecourt jet washes.

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