Workshop Specialities

Special products to clean, protect and lubricate mechanical components.

Aqua Lac engine protector

Water displacing fluid and electrical protector

A solvent based fluid designed to safeguard engines and electrical systems from the effects of damp, and chemically displace water after water has penentrated delicate electrical systems. In many cases when engines fail to operate smoothly after ...

Weight Price
Aqua Lac 350 mlAL035 0.5 kg 7.25
Retail pack - always handy in the event of electrical problems caused by damp or water ingress.
Aqua Lac 5 litresAL5 5 kg 24.00
Trade pack for mechanics, valeters, and fleet operators
Aqua Lac 25 litresAL25 24 kg 78.00
Bulk trade pack for busy garages and fleet operators.

Battery Terminal Grease

Special coating for vehicle battery terminals

A petroleum based viscous coating that protects battery terminals from corrosion and the effects of damp. Enhances electrical performance by maintaining good electrical conductivity between battery terminals and vehicle terminal clamps.

Weight Price
Battery Terminal Grease - 600 mlBTG006 0.8 kg 8.75
Packed in a spray mist for quick and easy application. It can also be used to protect any other electrical terminals that may be affected by damp or corrosion, i.e. underbonnet earth connections.

Black Plastic Refuse Sacks

18 x 31 x 39 inch 160 gauge

Top quality black plastic refuse sacks for domestic, office and industrial use.

Weight Price
Black Refuse Sack - box of 200BRS200 10 kg 29.50
200 x 160 gauge sacks. A very economical pack size.

Brake & Clutch Cleaner

Once again, says it on the tin

At the risk of stating the bloomin' obvious this special solvent blend cleans, degreasers and dries brake and clutch components. An essential product during routine services, and major overhauls.

Weight Price
Brake & Clutch Cleaner - 5 litresBAC05 4.5 kg 29.20
Its pull out pouring spout means it is safe and easy to dispense. This product can also be used with our 750 ml trigger spray with solvent resistent trigger, and our 1 litre pump up sprayer.
Brake & Clutch Cleaner - 4 x 5 litresBAC20 18 kg 79.60
Because it is universally used in garages abd workshop this product is available at case rates so you can save money.
Brake & Clutch Cleaner - 25 litresBAC25 22 kg 93.50
Larger pack size for busy workshops.


Pentrating oil, Water repellent and lubricant

Specialist penetrating oil and protector. Ideal for automotive and engineering applications.

Weight Price
CAN-DO penetrant - 750 mlDRI035 0.5 kg 12.60
CAN-DO penetrant - 5 litresDRI5 5 kg 47.00
Trade pack for garages, fleet operators, and very enthusiastic classic car enthusiasts.

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