Swimming Pool Chemicals

The most essential products to keep your swimming pool clean and safe.

Chlorine Tablets

Slow release chlorine tablets

200 gram STABILISED chlorine tablets containing trichloroisocyanuric acid, providing a slow release of the bacteriocidal agent chlorine, keeping your tank or pool free from bacteria, and preventing the release of malodours. A vital chemical espec...

Weight Price
Chlorine Tablets - 800 gramsCT800 1 kg 9.95
4 x 200 gram tablets individually sealed in a small resealable bucket.
Chlorine Tablets - 2 kiloCT2 2.2 kg 24.75
10 x 200 gram individually sealed tablets in a resealable bucket.
Chlorine Tablets - 5 kiloCT5 5.5 kg 46.75
25 X 200 gram individually sealed tablets in a resealable bucket.


Quat based product for safe control of algae.

Our algaecide is nased on quaternary ammonium compounds. They are much safer to use than copper based products, and should not cause any noticeable foam if dosed according to instructions.

Weight Price
Algaecide - 5 litresALG05 5.5 kg 26.75
One 5 litre pack.
Algaecide - 4 x 5 litresALG20 22 kg 76.00
A case of 4 x 5 litres.

Chlorine Granules

Stabilised chlorine granules

Weight Price
Stabilised Chlorine Granules - 5 kiloSCG5 6 kg 24.95
Stabilised Chlorine Granules - 10 kiloSCG10 11 kg 44.65


For improving the clarity of your pool

Flocculants are available in tablet, or liquid form. It helps you clarify a cloudy pool, either due to general use, or due to shock chlorine treatment. Add to you pool, allow coagulated particles to settle in you pool, and then 'vacuum' them fro...

Weight Price
Flocculant Tablets - box of 18 tabletsFLOTAB1 1 kg 16.55
A box of 18 x 50 gram tablets (900 grams). Put a tablet in your pool, and leave to continually clear your pool. Ideally for use in pool systems incorporating a sand filter. 1 tablet is enough for 10,000 gallons of pool water.
Flocculant Tablets - case of 108 tabletsFLOTAB6 6.6 kg 69.20
108 Tablets in a case of 6 boxes, each box contains 18 x 50 gram tablets.
Flocculant liquid - 5 litresFLOLIQ5 6 kg 16.00
5 litres of liquid flocculant. Add to pool to quickly clear a cloudy pool.
Flocculant liquid - 25 litresFLOLIQ25 28 kg 48.00
Liquid flocculant - 1 x 25 litre pack, or 5 x 5 litres. Please state your preference in your order.

Calcium Hypochlorite

65% active shock treatment for pools

A high activity product to shock treat your pool. Should be used once a week if your pool is in regular use. Carefully follow instructions when using.

Weight Price
Calcium Hypochlorite - 5 kiloCH05 5.5 kg 29.50
5 kilo bucket of 65% calcium hypochlorite granules.
Calcium Hypochlorite - 10 kiloCH10 10.5 kg 45.00
10 kilo bucket of 65% calcium hypochlorite granules.

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