Caravan & Motorhome Cleaning

A range of cleaning and maintenance chemicals specifically used on the exterior and interior of caravans and Motorhomes.

Hectors Wax

Dust free recleaning polish

A unique dust free formulation for quick and easy repolishing of good quality paintwork.

Weight Price
Hectors Wax - 500 mlHW05 0.5 kg 10.95
Trigger spray for easy application
Hectors Wax - 5 litresHW5 6 kg 37.50
Trade size for garages, valeters and car clubs.
Hectors Wax - 4 x 5 litreHW20 17 kg 120.00
Special offer.
Hectors Wax - 25 litresHW25 25 kg 121.00
Trade / distributor pack size.

Super Clear XX glass cleaning liquid

Water based liquid glass cleaner

For a really quick result new formula Super Clear is the professional's choice. Spray on wipe off for a perfect finish. Can be used on exterior and interior glass. It can be used equally well on automotive and household glass and mirrors.

Weight Price
Super Clear - 500 mlSC05 0.5 kg 6.95
Trigger spray version for easy application.
Super Clear - 5 litresSC5 6 kg 14.45
Trade pack for fleet operators, car valeters, and car dealers.
Super Clear - 4 x 5 litresSC20 22 kg 48.00
Get that extra discount by buying at the case rate - perfect for contract cleaners.
Super Clear - 25 litresSC25 27 kg 49.50
An alternative to buying by the case for the best price. Use a 25 litre tap or a 25 litre syphon pump for easy dispensing.
Super Clear - 205 litresSC205 210 kg 254.00
Industrial pack size for cleaning contractors and large fleet users.

Wash 'n Wax

Exterior shampoo with natural carnauba wax

A thick concentrated high foaming shampoo that contains premium quality carnauba wax. It not only cleans paintwork effectively, but leaves a superb streak free wax finish. Use it by hand with a sponge or wash mitt to clean good quality paintwork...

Weight Price
Wash n Wax - 5 litresWNW5 6 kg 19.75
Typical trade pack size - buy just one, or a case of 4 and get a case discount
Wash n Wax - 4 X 5 litresWNW20 22 kg 49.50
Special trade pack of 4 x 5 litres, at a special trade price. And free delivery.
Wash n Wax - 25 litresWNW25 27 kg 58.30
Large pack for garages and workshops. Screw top taps for the 25 litre drum are available to ensure economical and fuss free dispensing.
Wash n Wax - 4 x 25 litres.WNW100 108 kg 174.00
Multiple pack purchase to save money compared to buying just one 25 litre at a time.

Vintage Gold Wax Polish

high gloss easy to use polish

Vintage Wax is designed to give a high gloss temporary finish. Use regularly on all types of vehicle paintwork, cellulose, two pack, water based, metallic and non-metallic finishes. It removes oxidation, then cleans the paint, and finally lays a ...

Weight Price
Vintage Gold Wax 500 mlVGW05 0.5 kg 12.45
Handy pack for the diy-er and enthusiast.
Vintage Gold Wax 5 litresVGW5 6 kg 33.60
Trade pack for valeters and garages.
Vintage Gold Wax 4 X 5 litresVGW20 24 kg 111.50
Buying by the case saves money - extra discount for the busy garage, or valeter.

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