Traffic Film Removers and Vehicle Shampoo

Used by a wide variety of the best names in the truck and bus industry. We make products to clean all parts of vehicles, outside and inside, and with all types of equipment - by hand, with a sponge and bucket, steam cleaner, brush wash and automatic underchassis wash. Whatever your requirements we have the solution, and the technical back-up.

Traffic Film Removers As a leading expert in the manufacture and use of Traffic Film Remover (TFR), we have a comprehensive range, each one designed for a specific application. Everything from ready to use traffic film remover, to great value concentrated TFR. If you are not sure which one is right for you, email us or call us for advice.
Neutral Shampoo To ensure paintwork keeps its gloss you will prefer a neutral chemical (not alkaline or acid). Typically used in a brushwash they clean paintwork, and provide excellent lubricity to ensure the brush filaments stay in good condition for longer.
Interior Detergents Products to clean all parts of the truck or bus interior, our experience provides you with a complete system for the supply and dispensing of chemical cleaners.
Acid Cleaners For bare metal cleaning and renovating.
Maintenance Chemicals An essential range of ancillary chemicals used in cleaning and maintenance.

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