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Avalanche Washing Up Liquid

20% active eco-friendly detergent

A biodegradable ph neutral washing up liquid designed to be clean very well, be gentle on the environment and hands, and great value for money. All ingredients are sourced from sustainable sources, and are among the most biodegradabe of all deter...

Weight Price
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 5 litresAVA5 5.5 kg 19.65
Trade pack for the office and workshop. Use to refill 1 litre bottles, or fit with the ounce-a-matic dispenser for easy use.
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 2 x 5 litreAVA10 3 kg 29.55
2 x 5 litre containers.
Avalanche Washing Up Liquid - 25 litresAVA25 27 kg 54.50
For large kitchens, restaurants, factories and abbattoirs. Use with the 25 litre tap.


Used chemical transitanks. Heavy Duty Plastic bottle within a steel frame, mounted on a steel or wooden pallet base. With top opening and bottom tap. Ideal for use as water storage for gardens, allotments, farms. The price does not include del...

Weight Price
Water Butt 1000 litre - A gradeWB1000A 70 kg 65.00
Nearly new tank, thoroughly washed and ready for immediate service.
Water Butt 1000 litre - B gradeWB1000B 70 kg 39.00
Used and slightly damaged tank ,but still structurally sound. Wshed and ready for service.
Water Butt 1000 litre - C gradeWB1000C 70 kg 19.90
Slightly damaged tank and slightly stained. Washed but may have some tainting from products stored in tank. Perfectly good enough for gardening use.
Water Butt 1000 litre - D gradeWB1000D 70 kg 8.29
Old and damaged tank. Serviceable but not pretty. Good enough providing you are not growing prize winning marrows or the like!

Algex - mould and algae remover.

A biodegradable algae remover.

Algex not only removes green algae, but also moulds and fungi. Can be used on walls, exterior and interior, floors, patios, glass and roofs. For the best results apply with a brush and rinse off with a high pressure washer. Cleans almost anythi...

Weight Price
Algex - 5 litresALX05 5.5 kg 22.75
Useful handy pack to keep in the garage. Store in cool dark conditinos away from direct sunlight and in the pack it will keep its activity for years.
Algex - 4 x 5 litresALX20 22 kg 69.00
Case of 4 x 5 litre bottles for trade or institutional use.
Algex - 25 litresALG25 27 kg 78.00
Drum for trade users - estate management companies, institutionsand businesses.
Algex - 2 x 25 litresALG50 54 kg 119.00
More favorably priced option for professional users.

Super Clear XX glass cleaning liquid

Water based liquid glass cleaner

For a really quick result new formula Super Clear is the professional's choice. Spray on wipe off for a perfect finish. Can be used on exterior and interior glass. It can be used equally well on automotive and household glass and mirrors.

Weight Price
Super Clear - 500 mlSC05 0.5 kg 6.95
Trigger spray version for easy application.
Super Clear - 5 litresSC5 6 kg 14.45
Trade pack for fleet operators, car valeters, and car dealers.
Super Clear - 4 x 5 litresSC20 22 kg 48.00
Get that extra discount by buying at the case rate - perfect for contract cleaners.
Super Clear - 25 litresSC25 27 kg 49.50
An alternative to buying by the case for the best price. Use a 25 litre tap or a 25 litre syphon pump for easy dispensing.
Super Clear - 205 litresSC205 210 kg 254.00
Industrial pack size for cleaning contractors and large fleet users.

Glass Polish

Water based cream glass cleaner

A water based silicone free cream glass polish that leaves windows smear free. Ideal for heavy duty applications, such as automotive glass. Although it takes lomger to use than Super Clear it does polish off stubborn residues that liquid glass c...

Weight Price
Glass Polish - 500 mlGP05 0.5 kg 6.85
A handy household size for all domestic glass cleaning applications
Glass Polish - 5 litresGP5 6 kg 19.50
Trade pack for valeters, garages and contract cleaners

Flame Retardent Liquid

Fabric flame retardent liquid

This product can be applied to virtually all types of material, like carpets, fabrics, foams etc. It provides excellent flame retardent properties. For full details on applications contact our technical department.

Weight Price
Flame Retardent Liquid - 1 litreFR01 1.2 kg 9.55
For use on most tpyes of household and commercial babric and foam material.
Flame Retardent Liquid - 5 litresFR05 6 kg 38.00
Larger pack size for commercial use.
Flame Retardent Liquid - 25 litresFR25 30 kg 145.00
For commercial users who apply flame retardent liquids and use large quantities.


Driveway cleaning fluid

A water based biodegradable cleaner for cleaning concrete driveways and paths. Spray or brush on and leave for 5 minutes, then wash off with a hose or pressure washer. Removes algae, grease, dirt and general soiling that accumulates over time.

Weight Price
Drive-away - 5 litresDRA05 6 kg 12.75
Enough to treat up to 10 square metres.
Drive-away - 25 litresDRA25 27 kg 38.00
Enough to treat up to 50 square metres.
Drive-away - 205 litresDRA205 228 kg 155.00
Enough to treat up to 400 square metres.

Super Slab patio cleaner

Acid product for cleaning concrete & slabs.

A carefully blended product that is effective but not too hazardous. A special blend of acids it penetrates concrete and patio slabs, and removes algal and fungal growth, dirt and grease. It leaves the concrete looking clean and new. Fully biod...

Weight Price
Super Slab - 5 litresSS05 6 kg 29.85
5 litre pack enough to treat up to 25 sq metres of patio area.
Super Slab - 4 x 5 litresSS20 24 kg 94.50
A case of 4 x 5 litre jerry cans.

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