Dowanol Speciality glycol ethers under the collective name of Dowanol. The specification conforms to that of the Dow Chemical Company. In most cases product is original Dow material. Our stock currently includes the following products :
Alcohols and Ketones Some products are for business users only. Please call for prices and availability. Other solvents below can be bought in the normal way. Acetone Denatured Ethanol Ethyl Acetate Industrial Methylated Spirits 99 MEK - Methyl ethyl ketone Methanol Mineralised Methylated Spirits
Aliphatic & Aromatic Solvents and Glycols Solvents shown below with prices are available on this website. Some other products are limited to business users only. Please call for prices and availability for :- Butyl Glycol SBP 2, 3, 5, 6

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