Wash Mitt

The best way to wash a car
Wash Mitt

A highly absorbent 100% cotton glove with elasticated wrist-band. Using this mitt you can shampoo a car more quickly and efficiently, because as you wear the mitt, you feel your hand on the paintwork. Also the mitt holds dirt and grit which it then releases when you dip it into the shampoo bucket.

Weight Price
Wash Mitt - singleWM1 0.2 kg 4.85
An individually packed wash mitt.
Wash Mitt - pack of 5WM5 0.75 kg 16.95
Family pack - for a family of 5, everyone can wash the car !
Wash Mitt - pack of 20WM20 3 kg 57.45
For very large families, and car washes, garages, fleet operators

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