Fabric and carpet shampoo

A mild non caustic biodegradable concentrate used by the trade and professional users to clean domestic and automotive seats and carpets, three piece suites, and curtains. It can be used in hot water extraction machines to clean seats and carpets. Ultraclenz can be diluted down to 1:100 making it the best value shampoo. Use a 10% solution as a prespray for heavily soiled applications.

Weight Price
Ultraclenz - 1 litreUC1 1 kg 8.75
Every house should have a bottle of Ultraclenz and this is the perfect pack size.
Ultraclenz - 15 x 1 litreUC120 22 kg 68.00
Case rates save money for rental outlets and contract cleaners. This pack is particularly popular with tool hire companies that hire out carpet cleaning machines.
Ultraclenz - 30 x 1 litreUC30 34 kg 113.00
2 boxes.
Ultraclenz - 45 x 1 litreUC140 45 kg 132.00
3 boxes - Buy in bulk to get trade buying power.
Ultraclenz - 5 litresUC5 6 kg 17.75
Trade users find this pack size ideal. To make dispensing easier order an ounce-a-matic dispenser tat pumps out 30 ml per shot.
Ultraclenz - 4 X 5 litresUC20 22 kg 52.50
Save money and buy by the case - for busy commercial operators, garages, and office cleaners.
Ultraclenz - 25 litresUC25 27 kg 52.00
Buy it by the drum if you want that extra discount and convenience. Order a 25 litre tap to make dispensing easy, or a 25 litre syphon pump.
Ultraclenz - 205 litresUC205 226 kg 275.00
Fo large bus fleet operators, or contract cleaning operators this barrel quantity gives you massive savings. Use with a 205 litre syphon pump for easy dispensing.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mike Camps from Gloucester

Recently discovered Ultraclenz - Been using Dib Dab for years - tried it out on my filthy workhorse Mercedes today very impressed! The cloth seats on my Merc get filthy as I am lazy and frequently get straight into the car without changing aftr a a day's work driving HGV's. A 15% solution of Ultraclenz cleaned the seats and door panels a treat. Looks like new again. Can't wait to try it on a very dirty Scania I sometimes have the pleasure of driving!

April 2009
This review applies to the Ultraclenz - 5 litres version.

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