Hyper Foam

Super-concentrated High Activity Foam

A super concentrated high foaming shampoo designed to be diluted to 0.5%. It cleans and degreases paintwork, and its easy rinse formulation means a great finish, even where water conservation means rinse water volumes are reduced. It is also a significant step towards reducing your carbon footprint, making it an environmentally friendly detergent.

Weight Price
Hyper Foam - 5 litreHYPF05 6 kg 29.10
Ideal starter pack for enthusiasts, valeters, or hand car washes.
Hyper Foam - 2 x 5 litresHYPF10 11 kg 46.45
Trade pack for small fleet operators.
Hyper Foam - 25 litresHYPF25 27 kg 124.50
Super concentrated car shampoo.
Hyper Foam - 4 x 25 litresHYPF100 108 kg 320.55
Small pack that fits most forecourt jet washes.

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