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Aqua Lac Engine Protector: Advanced Water Displacing Fluid and
 Electrical Protector


Safeguard Your Engine with Unparalleled Protection

Introducing Aqua Lac Engine Protector, a solvent-based fluid meticulously engineered to shield engines and electrical systems from the damaging effects of dampness. Designed for both preventive maintenance and corrective action, Aqua Lac is an essential tool for ensuring engine reliability and performance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Water Displacement: Effectively displaces water from delicate electrical systems, safeguarding against damp-related issues.
  • Electrical System Protection: Offers a protective layer to electrical components, enhancing their longevity and functionality.


Enhanced Engine Performance:

  • Improves Engine Start and Operation: Ideal for use after steam cleaning, it can rectify engines that are underperforming or failing to start due to moisture.
  • Pre-Cleaning Application: Spraying Aqua Lac before steam cleaning not only protects against water ingress but also acts as a solvent degreaser.


Versatile and Effective: 

  • Suitable for Various Engines: Can be used in a range of engine types and sizes, from cars to larger vehicles.
  • Dual-Function Formula: Protects while also aiding in the removal of grease and dirt.
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