Ultraclenz: Versatile Fabric and Carpet Shampoo for Interiors


Gentle, Effective, and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution
Discover Ultraclenz, the ideal fabric and carpet shampoo for both domestic and automotive interiors. Specially formulated as a mild, non- caustic, biodegradable concentrate, Ultraclenz is favored by trade and professional users for its effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Mild and Biodegradable: Ensures safe and eco-conscious cleaning for various fabrics.
  • Highly Concentrated: Can be diluted down to 1:100, providing exceptional value and efficiency.


Versatile Applications:

  • Wide Range of Uses: Perfect for cleaning automotive seats and carpets, three-piece suites, and curtains.
  • Hot Water Extraction Machines Compatible: Ideal for use in these machines, enhancing cleaning power for seats and carpets.


User-Friendly and Economical:

  • Best Value Shampoo: Recognized for its cost-effectiveness, especially given its dilution ratio.
  • Pre-spray Option: A 10% solution can be used as a pre-spray for heavily soiled areas, ensuring deep cleaning.


Ultraclenz stands out as a comprehensive solution for interior cleaning needs. Whether for vehicle interiors or household fabrics, it offers gentle yet effective cleaning, making it a top choice for professionals and domestic users alike.

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