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Alu Clean: Potent Acid Wheel Cleaner for Steel and Alloy Wheels


Effortless Removal of Stubborn Brake Dust and Grime
Introducing Alu Clean, a powerful acid-based wheel cleaner designed to tackle the most stubborn brake dust and grime on steel and alloy wheels. Formulated for efficiency and effectiveness, Alu Clean is a must-have for achieving pristine wheels with minimal effort.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Strong Acid Blend: A potent mixture of hydrochloric and phosphoric acids ensures rapid and thorough cleaning.
  • Fast-Acting Formula: Quickly removes brake dust and grime, restoring the wheels’ appearance.


Easy and Effective Use:

  • Simple Application: Brush onto wheels, wait for a few minutes, and then pressure wash or hose off.
  • Suitable for Various Wheels: Ideal for both steel and alloy wheels, providing versatility in use.


Safety Precautions:

  • Responsible Handling: Ensure that children and pets cannot access this product due to its potent nature.
  • Protective Measures: Users should wear appropriate protective gear and follow safety guidelines during application.


Alu Clean stands out for its ability to efficiently cleanse and rejuvenate wheels, making it an essential product for automotive enthusiasts and professionals. Its formula is specifically designed to offer quick results while maintaining the integrity of the wheel surfaces.

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