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Moonshine: Specialised Tyre and Tyrewall Cleaner


Effortlessly Restore the Gleam to Your Whitewalls
Introducing Moonshine, the go-to solution for cleaning tyre whitewalls. Specifically designed to tackle the unique cleaning requirements of whitewall tyres, this product ensures your tyres look their best with minimal effort.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Specialised Whitewall Cleaner: Expertly formulated to clean and restore whitewall tyres to their original gleaming white.
  • Easy to Use: Simply spray onto the tyre whitewalls and rinse off with water for effective cleaning.


Efficient and Effective:

  • Quick Results: Fast-acting formula that quickly removes dirt and grime, reviving the appearance of your tyres.
  • Natural Finish: Cleans the tyre thoroughly while leaving no film or gloss, preserving the tyre’s natural look.


Ideal for Vehicle Maintenance:

  • Perfect for Car Enthusiasts: An essential product for those who take pride in maintaining their vehicle’s appearance.
  • Suitable for Various Tyres: Effective on all types of tyre whitewalls, making it a versatile addition to your car care kit.


Moonshine Tyre and Tyrewall Cleaner is more than just a cleaning product; it’s an essential tool for keeping your tyres looking pristine.

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