Descaler: Extra Strong Acid Descaling Fluid for Tough Scale Removal


Powerful Cleaning Solution for Industrial and Commercial Use
Discover the robust cleaning power of Descaler, an extra strong hydrochloric acid-based liquid designed for challenging descaling tasks. Enhanced with an inhibitor to minimize its impact on metal components, Descaler is an essential product for dealing with hard water scale in various industrial and commercial settings.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Hydrochloric Acid-Based: Highly effective in dissolving hard water scale and concrete residues.
  • Metal-Safe Inhibitor: Includes a protective inhibitor to safeguard metal components during the cleaning process.


Versatile Applications:

  • Industrial Equipment Cleaning: Ideal for removing scale from steam cleaners and boilers.
  • Concrete Removal: Effectively cleans concrete residues from cement mixers and related equipment.


User Guidance and Safety:

  • Special Handling Required: Due to its potent nature, Descaler requires careful handling and specific safety precautions.
  • Transportation Considerations: Special arrangements are necessary for transportation; customers are advised to contact us before ordering.


Descaler is not just an acid cleaner; it’s a powerful solution for some of the most challenging cleaning tasks in industrial and commercial environments. Its ability to effectively tackle hard water scale and concrete build-up makes it a valuable tool in maintaining equipment efficiency and longevity.

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