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Bus & Coach Shampoo: Optimized for Automatic Brush Washes


Experience Enhanced Cleaning and Protection for Buses and Coaches
Introducing Bus & Coach Shampoo, a specially formulated low viscosity shampoo designed for automatic brush washes. Tailored to meet the unique cleaning requirements of buses and coaches, this shampoo not only cleans effectively but also ensures the protection of both paintwork and brushes.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Low Viscosity Formula: Ideal for use in automatic brush wash systems, ensuring smooth application and coverage.
  • High Lubricity: Protects both the vehicle’s paintwork and the wash brushes, enhancing the longevity of both.


Superior Cleaning Performance:

  • Effective Detergency: Provides thorough cleaning, efficiently removing dirt and grime from large vehicle surfaces.
  • Easy Rinsing: Ensures a streak-free finish, particularly beneficial in low water usage conditions.


Ideal for Large Vehicles:

  • Designed for Buses and Coaches: Tailored to the specific needs of larger vehicles, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.
  • Efficient and Economical: Maximizes cleaning efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice for fleet maintenance.


Bus & Coach Shampoo is more than just a vehicle shampoo; it’s a comprehensive cleaning solution for buses and coaches, offering optimal results in automatic brush washes. Its specialised formula guarantees a clean, streak-free finish while protecting the vehicle and wash equipment.

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