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Super Wax: Advanced Water-Based Nano-Emulsion for the Ultimate Finish


Redefine Your Car’s Shine with Cutting-Edge Technology
Introducing Super Wax, a special final wax formulated as a water-based nano-emulsion, designed to transform the car wash experience. Ideal for both automatic car washes and hand washing, Super Wax ensures your vehicle not only looks its best but also remains protected from watermarks.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Nano-Emulsion Technology: Innovative formulation that enhances water sheeting during the rinse cycle.
  • Water-Based: Safe and effective, providing a gentle yet powerful finish.

Efficient and Effective:

  • Easy Dilution: Should be diluted to 1%, making it economical and efficient for use.
  • Rapid Water Sheeting: Accelerates the drying process, leaving the car almost completely dry and reducing the chance of watermarks.

Versatile Application:

  • Suitable for Automatic Car Washes: Enhances the final rinse in car wash cycles, delivering exceptional results.
  • Hand Wash Compatible: Can also be used manually, offering flexibility for personal car care routines.


Super Wax is more than just a final rinse wax; it’s a technological advancement in car care. By ensuring rapid water sheeting and reducing drying time, it not only improves the appearance but also protects the vehicle’s surface after washing.

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