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Super Whizzo Floor Cleaner: Versatile, Non-Caustic Low Foam Cleaner


Masterfully Clean Every Floor with Ease and Safety
Introducing Super Whizzo Floor Cleaner, a versatile and non-caustic cleaning solution designed for a wide array of floor types. Whether you’re dealing with concrete, marble, linoleum, or laminated surfaces, Super Whizzo ensures a thorough clean without the high foam typically associated with powerful cleaners.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Low Foam Formula: Ideal for use in scrubber dryer machines, providing effective cleaning without excessive foaming.
  • Non-Caustic: Safe for various floor types, ensuring cleanliness without damaging the surfaces.

Flexible Usage:

  • Suitable for All Floor Types: Effective on non-slip surfaces, concrete, marble, linoleum, and laminated floors.
  • Hand and Machine Use: Can be used manually or with cleaning machines, adding to its versatility.

Convenient and Effective:

  • Variable Dilution: Dilutions range from 1% to 10%, adaptable to the degree of soiling and floor type.
  • Wide Range of Pack Sizes: Available in various sizes to meet different needs and popular demand.


Super Whizzo Floor Cleaner is not just a floor cleaner; it’s a comprehensive solution for maintaining cleanliness across a diverse range of floor surfaces. Its balanced formula ensures both safety and efficacy, making it a popular choice in various settings.

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