Snow Foam Concentrated Car Shampoo: Advanced Cleaning for a Spotless Shine

Experience the Revolution in Car Cleaning
Unlock the full potential of your car wash with Snow Foam Concentrated Car Shampoo. This premium formula produces a rich, thick mousse that envelops your vehicle, ensuring every inch receives thorough attention. Specially designed for safe and effective cleaning, Snow Foam transforms the way you care for your car.
Gentle Yet Powerful
Snow Foam is a non-caustic, solvent-free detergent concentrate, making it incredibly gentle on your vehicle’s paintwork and alloy components. Despite its mild nature, it powerfully cuts through dirt and grime, ensuring that your vehicle not only stays safe but also sparkles like new.
Cling & Clean Technology
The standout feature of Snow Foam is its ability to cling to vertical surfaces longer than typical car shampoos. This thick mousse ensures that the cleaning agents have ample time to work on tough dirt, resulting in a deeper clean without the need for harsh scrubbing that can damage your car’s exterior.
Simple and Effective Usage
For optimal results:
  • Application: Use a special foam lance to spray Snow Foam onto your vehicle. This method enhances the mousse’s coverage and cling.
  • Dwell Time: Allow the foam to sit for several minutes, letting the advanced formula effortlessly lift grime and pollutants.
  • Rinse Off: Remove the foam with a hose pipe, steam cleaner, or pressure washer, revealing a brilliantly clean surface.


Customizable Concentration

  • Light Cleaning: Dilute to 2-10% for regular maintenance washes.
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning: For vehicles with more severe soiling, a concentration of up to 20% will strip away even the toughest dirt without damaging the finish.


Choose Snow Foam Concentrated Car Shampoo for a flawless finish every time, combining safety, effectiveness, and ease of use in one superior cleaning product.

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