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Parts Washer Solvent: Safe and Effective Cleaning for Parts Washers


Optimal Degreasing with Minimal Hazard in Parts Cleaning
Introducing Parts Washer Solvent, a carefully formulated aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent cleaner, specifically chosen for its excellent degreasing properties, safety features, and user-friendliness. Designed for
use in electrically pumped parts washers, it’s the ideal solution for effective and safe parts cleaning.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Low Hazard Formula: A very low hazard solvent, ensuring safer handling and use.
  • Excellent Degreasing: Effectively cuts through grease and grime, making it ideal for a variety of parts.


Safe and Efficient:

  • Low Flammability: Minimizes the risk of fire, enhancing workplace safety.
  • Low Odour: More pleasant to use, especially in enclosed spaces or for extended periods.


Versatile Compatibility:

  • Suitable for Most Equipment: Can be used in a wide range of parts washing machines.
  • Technical Support Available: Our technical department is on hand to assist with queries regarding machine suitability.


Parts Washer Solvent is not just a cleaning solution; it’s a crucial component in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of mechanical parts. Its combination of safety, effectiveness, and low odour makes it a top choice for professional and industrial applications.

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