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SUNDCLEAN 101: Low Foam Alkaline Degreaser for Diverse Metal Cleaning


Achieve Pristine Cleanliness on All Types of Metals with Ease
Introducing SUNDCLEAN 101, a high-activity, low-foam alkaline liquid degreaser, expertly formulated to clean a wide range of metal components. From robust industrial parts to delicate metals like aluminium, brass, and copper, SUNDCLEAN 101 ensures effective cleaning without causing damage.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Alkaline Degreaser: Its alkaline nature makes it highly effective in breaking down grease and grime.
  • Low-Foam Formula: Ideal for use in environments where foam control is essential.


Versatile Metal Cleaning:

  • Suitable for Sensitive Metals: Safe and effective for cleaning aluminium, brass, copper, and other metals without causing harm.
  • Hot and Cold Use: Designed for hot water washers but equally efficient when used cold.


User-Friendly and Efficient:

  • Recommended Dilutions: Works best at dilutions of 5 – 10%, adaptable to the severity of soiling and specific cleaning requirements.
  • Easy Application: Simple to use, making it suitable for both professional and personal metal cleaning tasks.


SUNDCLEAN 101 is more than a degreaser; it’s a comprehensive solution for maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of various metal components. Whether for industrial, commercial, or personal use, its low foam and alkaline properties ensure a deep clean without the hassle of excessive foam.

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