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Distilled Water: Ultra-Pure Water for Precision Laboratory Applications


Exceptional Purity for Demanding Laboratory Environments
Introducing Distilled Water, an ultra-pure water product meticulously produced through the distillation process. Designed for use in laboratory settings where the highest purity levels are required, this distilled water is an essential component for experiments and processes demanding precision and uncontaminated conditions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra-Pure: Achieved through a thorough distillation process, ensuring the removal of impurities and contaminants.
  • Laboratory Standard: Meets stringent requirements for purity, making it suitable for sensitive laboratory applications.


Considered Use:

  • Specialised Applications: Ideal for laboratories where the highest level of water purity is necessary for accurate and reliable results.
  • Cost Consideration: More expensive than standard demineralised water grades; recommended for use where its superior purity is essential.


User Guidance:

  • Careful Selection: Users should carefully assess their needs to determine if the higher purity level of distilled water justifies its additional cost.
  • Appropriate Storage: Store in a suitable environment to maintain its purity and prevent contamination.


Distilled Water is not just another water product; it’s a specialised solution for laboratories and applications where absolute purity is paramount. Its production through distillation ensures that it meets the highest standards required for critical scientific work.

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