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IMS 99: High-Purity Industrial Methylated Spirits for Professional Use


Specialised Ethanol Blend Meeting Stringent Professional Standards
Introducing IMS 99, a special blend of Industrial Methylated Spirits, comprising 99% ethanol and 1% methanol. This formulation is specifically designed for professional use, where high-purity and effective performance are essential. Its specialised nature makes it a vital component in various industrial and professional applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-Purity Ethanol: Contains 99% ethanol, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.
  • Denatured with Methanol: The addition of 1% methanol denatures the ethanol, making it suitable for industrial use.


Regulated and Controlled Use:

  • Professional Use Only: Intended strictly for use by professionals in accordance with safety and regulatory standards.
  • HMRC Approval Required: Supply is limited to individuals or businesses with specific approval from HMRC, ensuring compliance and safety.


Specific Applications:

  • Versatile Industrial Uses: Ideal for cleaning, sanitising, and as a solvent in various technical processes.
  • Compliance-Focused: Adheres to regulatory requirements, making it a trusted choice in professional settings.


IMS 99 is not just a solvent; it’s a highly regulated and specialised solution for professionals who require a high-purity ethanol blend. It stands out for its effectiveness, compliance with regulatory standards, and suitability for a range of demanding applications.

For businesses or individuals interested in procuring IMS 99, it’s important to secure approval from HMRC, aligning with the necessary legal and safety guidelines.

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