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Methanol: High-Purity Solvent for Specialised Industrial Applications

Optimal Performance with 99.5% Virgin Methanol
Introducing Methanol, also known as wood alcohol or methyl alcohol, a 99.5% pure virgin solvent recognised for its versatility and effectiveness in various industrial applications. Methanol is a crucial component in specialised processes, including the production of bio-diesel, ethanol denaturation, and use as an industrial solvent.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Purity: 99.5% virgin solvent quality ensures optimal performance and reliability.
  • Diverse Industrial Uses: Suitable for bio-diesel production, ethanol denaturation, and as a general industrial solvent.


Specific Applications:

  • Bio-Diesel Production: An essential component in the manufacturing process of bio-diesel.
  • Ethanol Denaturation: Utilized in the process of denaturing ethanol for various applications.
  • Industrial Solvent: Effective in a range of industrial cleaning and processing tasks.

Regulated Supply:

  • Restricted Use: Not intended for use as a fuel additive or fuel extender.
  • Supply Limitations: Only supplied to bona fide business users for legitimate industrial purposes, ensuring compliance and safety.


Methanol is more than just a solvent; it’s a specialised chemical that plays a vital role in various industrial processes. Its high purity and effectiveness make it a valuable asset for businesses requiring a reliable and versatile solvent.

We are committed to responsible supply practices and will only provide Methanol to verified business users, ensuring its use is aligned with safety guidelines and legitimate industrial needs.

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