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Odourless Kerosene: Highly Purified Aliphatic Hydrocarbon for Industrial Use


Experience the Purity and Efficiency of Odourless Kerosene in Industrial Applications

Introducing Odourless Kerosene, a highly purified aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, specifically designed for industrial use. Its odourless nature and high purity make it an excellent choice for various industrial solvent applications, where both effectiveness and minimal sensory impact are essential.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Highly Purified: Ensures a clean and efficient solvent action, suitable for sensitive industrial processes.
  • Odourless Quality: Ideal for use in environments where the absence of odour is crucial.


Industrial Applications:

  • Versatile Industrial Solvent: Well-suited for a range of industrial applications requiring a high-purity solvent.
  • Non-Retail Use: Exclusively available for industrial customers, ensuring professional usage and handling.


Safety and Quality:

  • Not for Fuel or Retail: Specifically intended for industrial solvent purposes, not sold as a fuel or to retail customers.
  • Professional Standards: Adheres to stringent quality and safety standards, suitable for industrial environments.


Odourless Kerosene is not just a solvent; it’s a specialised solution for industrial applications where purity and lack of odour are paramount. Its tailored formulation makes it a key component in various industrial processes, offering reliable and efficient performance

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