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TFR 2 SPECIAL: Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover


Robust Cleaning Power for Tough Environments
Introducing TFR 2 SPECIAL, our highly effective traffic film remover and degreaser, designed for the toughest cleaning challenges. Ideal for commercial and industrial use, this product stands as a testament to relentless cleaning efficiency.

Exceptional Strength and Efficacy:

  • Heavy-Duty Formula: Perfect for cleaning vehicle chassis, plant, and construction equipment, TFR 2 SPECIAL tackles the most stubborn dirt and grime.
  • Caution on Paintwork: While delivering unparalleled cleaning power, it can damage paintwork, making it suitable for vehicles and equipment scheduled for repainting.


Tailored for Specific Needs:

  • Preferred by Professionals: Often chosen for use before repainting, TFR 2 SPECIAL ensures a thorough and deep clean.
  • Alternatives for Different Applications: For less aggressive options, consider our TFR 1 or TFR 55 products, each tailored to different cleaning requirements.


Efficiency and Performance:

  • Reduces Cleaning Effort: Its potent formulation allows for quick and effective cleaning, saving time and effort.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Offers significant savings by reducing the amount of product and time required for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.


Safety and Usage Guidelines:

  • For Professional Use: Specially designed for industrial and commercial applications.
  • User Safety: Due to its strength, appropriate safety measures and protective equipment are recommended during use.


Environmentally Conscious:

  • Commitment to Sustainability: Our products, including TFR 2 SPECIAL, are developed with an eye towards environmental responsibility.


Enhanced User Experience:

  • Customer Support: Our team is dedicated to providing expert advice for the best use of our products.


TFR 2 SPECIAL is the solution for those who need a powerful, effective, and reliable cleaner for heavy-duty applications, especially prior to repainting. It stands out in its category for its strength and efficiency.
For more versatile applications and a gentler approach on paintwork, explore our TFR 6 FLEETSHINE, especially designed for fleet users. If environmental considerations are a priority, TFR 9 EX offers a non-caustic, eco-friendly alternative.
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