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TFR 55 Fleet Cleaner: Eco-Friendly and Efficient for Van and Truck Fleets


Sustainable Cleaning Solution for High Volume Operations
Introducing TFR 55 Fleet Cleaner, a non-ionic, biodegradable traffic film remover, meticulously designed for high-volume cleaning operations in the fleet industry. Its unique blend of efficiency and environmental responsibility makes it an ideal choice for van and truck fleet operators.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly Formula: Non-ionic and biodegradable, TFR 55 is conscientious about the environment while providing robust cleaning power.
  • Optimal Caustic Content: Contains 2% caustic, carefully balanced to ensure effective cleaning without harsh effects.


Versatile and Economical:

  • Wide Compatibility: Suitable for use with all types of steam cleaning equipment, cold pressure washers, and gantry washers.
  • Highly Concentrated: Can be diluted to 1%, offering exceptional value and making it the most economical choice among traffic film removers.


Performance and Application:

  • Efficient Cleaning Action: TFR 55 is adept at tackling and removing tough traffic film, grease, and dirt from a variety of fleet vehicles.
  • Flexible Dilution: Its dilution flexibility caters to different levels of soiling and types of vehicles, maximizing efficiency.


User and Environmental Safety:

  • Safe and Easy to Use: Designed for user safety, with straightforward instructions for professional applications.
  • Eco-conscious Cleaning: Reflects our commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising on cleaning performance.


Ideal for Fleet Operators:

  • Cost-Effective Cleaning: Delivers top-notch cleaning results while being economically advantageous for fleet operators.
  • Adaptable to Various Cleaning Needs: Whether it’s routine maintenance or intensive cleaning, TFR 55 is up to the task.


TFR 55 Fleet Cleaner is not just a cleaning agent; it’s a commitment to sustainable, efficient, and effective fleet maintenance. Ideal for van and truck operators, it stands as a testament to environmentally responsible cleaning without sacrificing quality or value.

For a higher foaming action, check out TFR 6 EX HIGH FOAM. If you’re interested in an option with no caustic alkalis, TFR 9 EX is a great choice…

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